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Broccoli Omelet and Pancetta

Our Broccoli Omelet and Pancetta.The eggs are often a practical solution and not very difficult to prepare a quick meal, but if you want to make it special and satisfying sense of smell and taste make as Tasting Marche, and transformed the eggs in a superb omelet with broccoli and pancetta, feel that goodness! Continue reading “Broccoli Omelet and Pancetta”

Cicerchia Soup within pagnotta bread

In the Marche many traditional delicacies are made from simple and wholesome foods, such as our precious legumes. Among these, Tasting Marche offers the Cicerchia soup in loaf of bread, a treat handed down from grandmothers and put on the table to impress diners.</ Continue reading “Cicerchia Soup within pagnotta bread”

Polenta with Truffle and Porcini mushrooms

Polenta is an Italian traditional dish, very simple and healthy that can be a real treat paired with the right ingredients, so we want to propose it flavoured with truffles and topped with a superb Porcini mushrooms sauce, your senses will be conquered. Continue reading “Polenta with Truffle and Porcini mushrooms”

Classic bruschetta with garlic and olive oil

Classic bruschetta with garlic and olive oil. Our Classic bruschetta with garlic and olive oil. The most simple and good appetizer, perfect snack for any occasion, Tasting Marche propose you the deluxe version with the Tenero Ascolano extra virgin olive oil, feel that goodness. Continue reading “Classic bruschetta with garlic and olive oil”

Apple Pie of Grandma Rina

Apple Pie of Grandma Rina There are endless recipes for apple pies, but the one that Grandma Rina (her real name was Caterina) did for his family on Sundays or during the holidays was truly special. The touch provided by the orange marmalade, walnuts and raisins makes today even more delicious than once. Continue reading “Apple Pie of Grandma Rina”