Tasting Marche Blog

One of the most beautiful cities of the Marche Region, the wonderful Urbino is always amazing, both for people who visit it for the first time and for who knows it very well. I love very much this city for its particular environment and i want to give you 10 good reason to have one day trip in the “pearl” of Montefeltro.

1. To walk slowly to nourish body and soul: the city centre of Urbino is closed to traffic and among wonderful palace and seesigthings, go up and down through small streets is worth more than gym.
2. To attend one of several activities carried out in the city, such as the Biosalus, the National Festival for organic products and wellness taking place every year on october.
3. To discover the statue of patron saint of San Crescentino in front of the wonderful Cathedral hosting the masterpiece “the last supper” of Federico Barocci.

4. To walk through the small streets discovering amazing landscapes far from the crowd.
5. To arrive in front of Palazzo Ducale and, looking toward the sky, take one of the most representative pictures of our beautiful region.

6. To take advantage of the first sunday of the month to visit freely the National Gallery of the Marche to admire the extraordinary masterpieces of Raffaello and Piero della Francesca such as the charming “Studiolo” of the Duke Federico.
7. To go up to the Albornoz Fortress to enjoy one of the most beautiful landscapes of the city, and then to go down throughout the park looking of the best view for a picture.

8. To eat “crescia sfogliata” in one of the several bars located in the city centre wondering whether it is better the one with Ciauscolo and Fossa Cheese or with Rolled Pancetta and Pecorino Cheese of Sibillini Mountains.
9. To imagine to travel to the past to the court of Federico during a Renaissance banquet, tasting some excellent biscuits such as Mostazzoli cookies with honey, with candied cedar and spices.
10. To have fun with the intagramers friends being fond of photography and to take an original picture choosing on of the several glimpses Urbino offers.