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Cheesecake “Ubriaco” with Cherries jelly in Passerina

Our Cheesecake “Ubriaco” with Organic Srawberry Compote. The chef often speak of contamination, because it is really exciting to create new delicacies being influenced by unusual customs or traditions. Tasting Marche did not want to give it up and then borrowed one of American desserts par excellence and presents its own edition of cheese cake …

Risotto with Lacrima and Truffle

Our Risotto with Lacrima and Truffle. There occasions that deserve special dishes and there are people who hate banality. Tasting Marche introduces a dish that fully meets these requirements, such as those that arise from the association of two exceptional ingredients. Here are our Risotto with Lacrima and Truffle: a party for your senses!


Our Cavallucci. The gastronomic journey through the Marche has been always been surprising us because every area, often every town, has its flavors and its traditional recipes. Today we talk of cavallucci (horses), so called because with their shape reminiscent of the back and the legs of a horse. They are sweet typical of the …