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A journey to discover the best wines from the Marche, their characteristics and their peculiarities. Knowing how to recognize the organoleptic properties of wines, and at the same time to choose according to personal taste: these are the most important traits of an Eno radical chic lifestyle,

Involving and curious, so we can define the relationship between grapes and a crystal glass of wine. It is the same bond that similarly intertwined genuineness, simplicity and naturalness of wine producers with the way sometimes too detailed and complex in which experts talking about it. Perhaps we should consider the wine a theme that belongs exclusively to connoisseurs? All reserved for AIS members or people who know by memory the diagram Mercadini?
Not at all.
It is time to bring the wine on the tables of everybody. It is time to take back to describe the characteristics and peculiarities letting everyone follows a more candid, natural, instinctive: their own personal taste. Here is the essence of the eno-radical-chic personality: radical in ther choices because not be swayed by fads, trends or “hearsay”, but at the same time elegant because, despite knowing the rules and dictates of good tasting connoisseur knows to ensure how these not win over preferences and personal tastes.
Travel with me will allow you to get close to the wine without distorting your personality.
It must be said that some simple basic rules will help everyone to develop a greater awareness of their own preferences and taste.
First of all, we have to equip ourselves of the basics to understand what the experts refer when they talk about wine.
1. We will start by visual descriptors: we should be able to evaluate the kind of effervescence and “bubbles” of a wine, if it is clear or turbid and if the colour tones that characterize it are intense or light.
2. We will continue then with olfactory descriptors to appreciate persistence, type and characteristics of what we are going to taste.
3. Continuing on this line we will discover how many can be the “hints” typical of wines from the Marche. It is easier than you think. We will research and recognize together the typical floral scents (orange flowers, violet, rose …), those spicy characteristic of more robust wines (aromas of cloves, pepper, anise …), those fruity of more intense whites and reds wines(hints of grapefruit, orange, blackberry, raspberry, pineapple …) until you get to recognize other traits more details but no less evident as the hints of dried fruit, vanilla, sandalwood, honey and so on …

4. It will be easier then to continue talking about natural softness, persistent flavour and body, until you will be able to identify astringency (better known as tannic level of the wine) and much more.
And now … we are ready! We just have to start this journey together to discover the wines original from Le Marche and all that this wonderful nectar of the gods can give to us.

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