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The “taste” of continuous discovery, the search for new artistic beauty to be admired is combined with the “pleasure” to find out new delicacies to taste; unique dishes to savour and delicacies to show to people who love cuddling with the genuine goodness, as an authentic “Intellectual gourmand”.

If someone asks me what is the thing I love most in the world, except for my dog, the answer would be …
my great passions are two, the first is the history of art, with all its magnificent masterpieces, whether they are the works of great artists or semi unknown masters, because every work brings with it a story to tell, anyone is the “narrator”. What had started as a passion, even about a professor of art history particularly demanding, has turned into a true love, travelling around beautiful art cities and museums overflowing with treasures. The university finally helped raise and refine my love and made me learn to appreciate not only the works of great artists known around the world, but also the small works of less prestigious names, but not of lesser value.
Going back to my second passion, certainly much more common than the first, it is the food. Eating is my second favourite activity, my sweet tooth when it comes to food is really insatiable, and a delicacy that is not limited to sweets, but it extends also to savoury treats. Of course the desserts have a special place in my heart, especially the chocolate, but I love also cheeses, cured meats, biscuits, jams and much more. There are few things that give the same feeling of a dark chocolate bar that melts slowly in the mouth, or slice of pecorino cheese accompanied by a sweet jam, or a slice of fresh bread and ciauscolo and the list continue indefinitely.

To combine these two passions is really simple and pleasant, often I spend a day out to discover a new city and its beauty and eating something good and “original” of that area, like when I was in Tivoli to see the archaeological park of Villa Adriana and then I enjoyed a nice plate of Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe or, to remain in my beloved country, when I visited the Art Gallery of Ascoli Piceno and then I enjoj a wonderful bag of stuffed olives.
So at the end of the story the trick is simple, and the same way in which I go in search of new masterpiece to admire, new towns to discover and appreciate, so I am always looking for new delicacies to be enjoyed, new delicacies to present to all gourmands like me who have always wanted to find something unique, unexpected and delicious.

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