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As a child I believed that guard a secret was the most difficult and complicated thing to do, such was the effort I made to do it. When I met Claudio Medei, a couple of years ago, I spoke immediately of its legumes, and the thing that surprised me the most was the sincere gratitude that I heard from his voice as he handed me his business card and told me: “I continue only the job, who taught me everything was my father Nazareno”.
How about to discover with me the story of this company Agricola of Appignano, which contains much more of my secrets of a child?

Nazareno Mesei and his son Claudio are part of the group of Farmers Keepers and thanks to their work and their dedication to some precious Marche’s legumes is still wonderfully preserved.
Look Nazareno sifting Cicerchia with a smile and a thousand stories to tell is a pure and sincere emotion, as he takes in his hands the precious Quercia Chickpeas, food known since ancient times for its many nutritional qualities.

But how do you preserve with so much passion these precious fruits of nature?
” I select personally seeds to be preserved, both for me and for the Germoplasma Bank,” Claudio Medei said to me, the son of Nazareno.
The Assam (Agency Services of Agribusiness Sector of Marche Region) manages the Regional Repertory, where are recorded the indigenous genetic resources at risk of erosion, and the Conservation and Safety Network, made up of all those people who own, breed or cultivate the vegetable entities and animals listed in the Directory of the Genetic Heritage. Farmers Keepers provide seed conservation both at their companies and at the Germoplasma Bank of the Marche Region, established at the Research Unit for horticulture in Monsampolo (AP).
It sounds complicated but it’s not, because Claudio tells me this while showing me another of its treasures, the precious Roveja, an unknown legume with an authentic flavor as the land from which it comes.

Thanks to the experience of father Nazareno and commitment of Claudio these precious legumes continue to be available for us and it’s really a shame not to be tempted to taste them in many delicious recipes, from the most simple to the most original and creative.
With these legumes is easy to follow a healthy diet with a smile, trust me!