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A journey through food and traditions. Stories written by the hand and heart of a traditionalist who believes in the value of the good things passed down over the years, not only through nostalgic memories but through experiences to live intensely and pass on to future generations.

Traditionalist is the right word to describe my lifestyle. Traditions are a great value for me and if I have to choose the one better representing me I realize that they belong to my family since ever, and that, for the most part, are in connection with eating.

Making handmade egg pasta on Sunday morning is a tradition that dates back from my memories of my great-grandmothers, and has been passed down over the years to my grandmothers, and then to my parents … and today my husband and I, when we have enough time, we delight friends and family with our homemade creations. So we make a nice pile of flour on our inherited old wooden pastry board an then we break one by one the eggs (one egg every pound of flour ). We add a little of durum wheat to make more firm and consistent the dough of not stuffed egg pasta (tagliatelle, spaghetti alla chitarra, pappardelle) as we leave softer and moist the dough of the egg pasta to stuff (ravioli, cappelletti ..). Children have their own piece of dough to work with, as well as when I bake biscuits or muffins, and we eat together in joy …

And so the tradition in tradition, from year to year, from house to house, we find ourselves at Christmas and in so many other wonderful opportunities with families increasingly spread around long tables, consisting of 20, 30, sometimes 50 diners from 0 to 90 years old! All belonging to the same family!

And the homemade food is always the protagonist.

The Cappelletti at Christmas, made by hand one by one and then cooked in broth; pizza with cheese and boiled eggs painted by children for the traditional Easter sweet-salty breakfast; the donuts fried during Carnival; the summer “mosciolata” after being immersed for “harvesting” in the waters around the Monte Conero in the early morning; vegetables stuffed with bread crumbs and parsley that are inevitable companions of outdoor grills on Saturdays during summer … day after day … year after year ….

And it is so nice to read the componiment of my children describing companions these traditions while still alive in my heart the memory of the scents that I felt as a child in the kitchen of my grandparents or the emotions I felt when expecting these beautiful opportunities to meet again … Then … as today.

And so the stories and articles I will propose you will be written with the hand and heart of a traditionalist, romantic but also creative and innovative …., who believes in the value of the nice things handed down over time, not only through nostalgic memories but also through experiences that can be lived with joy and intensity today. Seeing is believing !!

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