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The Protagonists are four women and four different lifestyles. Food in all its nuances is the central idea; originally from Marche Region. Follow us and you will not regret it!

To all of you have “landed” in this blog, welcome from the Tasting Explorers that will take you on a long and amazing journey through the taste!

Who we are? An Health fanatic, a Traditional Chef, an Intellectual Gourmand and an Eno-radical- chic: four women and four different personalities, by age, tastes and passions, who interpret every day in their own way the food culture of a rich and wonderful territory as the Marche Region.

We have chosen to tell you every day some stories, through words and images, flavours, colours, smells, places and stories of the foodstuffs of the Marche Region and their producers, true artisans of taste.

Through four points of view, we will try to take you from page to page in a world that is made of research and travel, tastings, those who daily do before selecting a product for www.tastingmarche.com. But we will also talk of the often rough and calloused hands of our producers that we visit during harvests, or when they are preparing cheeses or excellent egg pappardelle. Early risers bakers, Guardian farmers, experienced breeders or wine producers for generations; they have in common the passion for their products and for their land.

We want to share with you our recipes, often handed down from grandmothers of yesteryear, or created in our small kitchens, and we will explain you how to bring out the best flavours for you, perhaps through our tailor made Tasting Experiences.

So what are you waiting for joining us in this journey? Are you ready to learn or rediscover the Marche region and its specialties? So before you start, let us introduce our Tasting Explorers and trust to their suggestions and their stories. Enjoy the reading!

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