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Summer is the season of the sun, the sea, open air, and, why not, of Sport. This time I want to talk of the town in which I live, Porto Sant’Elpidio, appreciated for its wonderful promenade, both from people like me who live there, both from tourists.

Almost eight kilometers of bike path enviable to most renowned beach towns, lots of greenery, benches and an endless array of quaint cottages, to enjoy a simple snack or a memorable dinner.
For those who know it by time or for those who visit it for the first time, Porto Sant’Elpidio invites everyone to enjoy the beauty of the promenade for a walk in the green grass, the blue sea and a myriad of palm trees, which give an exotic touch.
You can decide to go all the 8 km walk, taking about two hours, or make it a part and enjoy a break where inspires you the most.
Two useful information that I can give you: one is to try, in the middle of the promenade, between the north and the south, a nice sign that will show the distances between various points of departure. You can also calculate the calories you burn with a vigorous and sustained pace.

For example, the round trip from Pineta until the end of the promenade North is less than 4 kilometers (just under an hour), which will allow you to burn about 300 calories!
The other is that along the way there are lots of fountains where you can quench your thirst without the need to bring bottles or annoying weights.
I really love this walk both early in the morning, when the sun rises from the sea and the silence still surrounds all, and in the late afternoon, when the evening light makes the atmosphere very romantic.
And after a good walk, there is nothing better than to gratify with a nice healthy and tasty dish. In summer I prepare often the Maccheroncini of Campofilone with tomato, basil and a dash of Pepperolio, just to earn a bit of calories to burn tomorrow!