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On the Adriatic coast we have a great fortune: we can see the sun rising from the sea. In the Marche we have a double luck; we can make a charming walk in the green of the mountains and reach a beautiful and deserted beach next to the blue sea. I try to explain you how to settle an excellent breakfast in one of the more spectacular places in the Marche combining sports, entertainment and relaxation.

First of all, the best time to do it is during the months from May to June or September to October, when it is not too hot and the beaches of the Conero are less crowded; the walk is perfect either alone or in the company and is suitable for everyone, even if is better if you have a little training.
Here below the steps for organizing your special breakfast:
The night before I baked a yoghurt plumcake flavoured with lemon zest, and I prepared everything for the breakfast: Cappellacci Biscuits, cuori di cacao cookies, apricot juice, and mulberry jam. Moreover, I made a backpack where I put breakfast, a beach towel, sun protection, swimsuit and flip-flops.
I set the alarm clock early to be in the center of Sirolo at 5.30
Just wake up in the morning I made a thermos of hot tea and I put it in a backpack along with the rest of the breakfast.
I dressed lightly with T-shirts and cotton pants and trekking boots, I put even a sweatshirt because early in the morning it is quite cool even in summer.
I met friends and we left on time from the parking of the cemetery of Sirolo, aiming at enjoying the paths of the Conero taking great shots and getting on the beach of San Michele, starting with the path that is located in public gardens where among other things you find maps with directions, in time to see the sunrise.
Everything went perfectly, we were very hungry for the walk and just arrived at the beach we set up a unique breakfast in a storybook setting, with the sun from the sea joined us for an unforgettable Tasting Experience.

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