Tasting Marche Blog

A house in the countryside, old friends, a traditional menu but where nothing is left to chance, a few hours to spend in the kitchen … and a beautiful sunny day … here are some of the ingredients to make a Social Eating a rewarding experience … in all senses!

Sometimes it does not take much to turn a spring day in a good party: it takes a little courage and imagination, so much organization, maybe the sun on your side and the work will be done. This is now called Social Eating and is so fashionable, but for many, for me too, is just a way to enjoy a day with old friends, those who it is hard to put all together in a house, especially now that there are also children …. And so the days, the months and the years pass by…..until by dint of WhatsApp messages you decide that it is time to organize a nice reunion with good food from the Marche … then here I reveal the 10 rules I used to prepare a perfect day!

1) It is always good to keep an eye on the weather forecast… in order to avoid disappointments… especially if you want to take advantage of the spring for an outdoor lunch (I chose the 25th of April and I was lucky!) 2) Start writing a list of all the people you really want to see. Absolutely everyone… even if you realize that you may need 35 chairs… a logistic solution can always be found!
3) For the menu I suggest to you to propose specialties from the Marche! I managed to satisfy adults and children just preparing a very simple menu in a six square meters kitchen: fettuccine with artichokes (with tomato for children), several tasting of traditional crescia, crescia with onion, chilli pepper Pecorino cheese, Pecorino cheese with herbs, “ciauscolo” salami, larded salami, grilled prosciutto sausages, dragged vegetables with bacon and finally Cicerchia cooked with “Guanciale” and rosemary. The dessert key moment has been enriched by proposing traditional biscuits: Anicini Biscuits, Donuts with Rosso Conero Wine, “Brutti e Buoni” Cookies and the irresistible The Moretta … how about?
4) For the wines I suggest some tastings of Lacrima … Lacrima di Morro d’Alba Landi, Lacrima Da Sempre Del Pozzo Buono Vicari, Lacrima Superiore Gavigliano, nectar of our lands that is always appreciated, but also robust and smooth white wine… the Marche does not kidding!
5) Do not forget to welcome guests with an aperitif: I did it with Emmer Wheat Savoury Cookies and Bocconcini with Cheese and Nuts with a basis of cheese, crostini with Fava Beans Pâté with Chilli Pepper, Crostini with olive sauce, grilled crostini of crescia with polenta seasoned with oil, salt and pepper. Everything accompanied by Brut Rosè, a very yummy!
6) Think how to cuddle the most demanding guests… I chose the Acquavite di Visciola and a good sweet wine with which taste the shortbreds…
7) Golden rule: if you need and hand to cook ask for help… it is funny to chat while cooking… and surely someone will surprise you with his or her hidden talent!!!
8) For an amazing Social Eating you cannot not to prepare a good homemade dessert!! I ventured myself into the rose cake, double version: a traditional one with a scent of cinnamon and the tasty version with a lot of nutella!! A real success… (and if you want I can give you the recipe!)