Tasting Marche Blog

Over the last weeks, I have often called our beekeepers and find them busy. Sometimes, after the tenth call and some SMS, I have also lost patience. But then they have called me back and have said, with a voice full of respect and devotion, “Sorry about that, we were with the Bees”, excellent for the mood of working women as we are.

In nature there is a more studied than that of bees and above all a society where females are so highly regarded!
It is a matriarchal society formed by individuals belonging to three castes, which generally develops around a beehive. This consists of a queen bee, the only fertile female, tens of thousands of worker bees and a few hundred males called drones, whose only task is to fertilize the queen.

The work of the bee is truly amazing; the workers, to feed the queen of royal jelly and ensure reproduction, share the various social activities according to age group, performing different tasks in an orderly succession of roles. Females in every sense…really!
I love the fact that these “small winged” have a selective intelligence, because, according to the beekeepers, they prevent genetically modified plants. Females with brain…really!

How not to love the wonderful “creations” of these hard-working women?
The honeys are really incredible products and Marche is a region that produces many varieties of extraordinary quality. I use it a lot and I choose the most suitable one depending on usage.
The acacia honey is always present at my breakfast table, with bread or biscuits is absolutely perfect.
Often I use coriander honey and millefiori honey for my creations in the kitchen, because it is an excellent sugar substitute for the preparation of desserts.
If I have to sweeten herbal tea or take a nice cup of hot milk to treat coughs and colds my favourite is the Honeydew honey.
And for a sportswoman like me there is nothing better than a teaspoon of rapeseed honey, perfect before training, to provide the necessary energy and to speed metabolism.
You just have to choose yours!