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Everyone says “i love you” Brownie

A tasty dessert to get a lot of calories during the cold season. The chocolate Brownies are a delight to the nth degree and higher are the perfect dessert for all those who, like me, loves chocolate in all its forms and variations. However, ,remember, they should be eaten with caution… otherwise addiction is guaranteed! In this article I reveal my personal recipe.

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Mashed Fava Beans with Bitter Herbs

Our Mashed Fava Beans with Bitter Herbs.Typical ingredient of the farming families of the past, the fava beans are a valuable and healthy food, especially when the product quality is unquestionable. Try this mashed fava beans with bitter herbs, it will become one of your favourite dishes.

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Fava Beans Cream with Pecorino Cheese and Pine Nuts

Our Fava Beans Cream with Pecorino Cheese and Pine Nuts. Fava beans, a wonderful legume consumed since ancient times, are a valuable and healthy foodstuff: nutritious and low in calories, rich in minerals and fiber, excellent for preparing countless recipes. The fava beans of Fratte Rosa are one of the best qualities and we will want to propose this wonderful cream with pecorino cheese and pine nuts, you will be conquered!

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Traditional red Tagliatelle

Our Traditional red Tagliatelle. Tagliatelle is the shape par excellence for egg pasta. Widely spread in Italy, in the Marche it represents a dish to be enjoyed with a rich tomato sauce for a Sunday lunch or special occasion. Tasting Marche offers the lightweight version with vegetable based sauce ideal for summer lunch.

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Carbonara Spaghetti

Our Carbonara Spaghetti. A typical dish of the Roman cuisine, known all over the world with no need for introductions. But if it is true that the ancient Sabines, the ancestors of the Romans, have given the origins of the populations of Piceno, the Marche’s founders, we are allowed to borrow this recipe and interpret it the way we like. Continue reading “Carbonara Spaghetti”

Montebello, where “Organic” was born

Speaking of organic is almost predictable, everybody know something, it has many supporters, for someone is even a lifestyle choice. But there is a place in the Marche where it all began, back in 1971, and is the Monastery of Montebello in Isola del Piano (PU). It is just this magical place and the Cooperative of Gino Girolomoni I want to talk about in this article. Continue reading “Montebello, where “Organic” was born”

Salad with Chickpeas, Shrimps and Arugula

Our Salad with Chickpeas, Shrimps and Arugula.Good allies to maintain a healthy balanced diet, chickpeas have countless recipes, especially when it has at its disposal one of the most valuable qualities. Try our Quercia Chickpea salad with shrimps and arugula, the success is guaranteed!

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