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From the Renaissance to our Tables: a journey to (re)discover lost flavors.

A leap back in time, to discover and rediscover the flavors of a golden age, that of the Italian Renaissance. Among sumptuous meals and original – to say the least – recipes, we follow the steps of those who now tries to reproduce on our plates all the charm of a world as far as unforgettable! Continue reading “From the Renaissance to our Tables: a journey to (re)discover lost flavors.”

Fava Bean Flour Pasta “Tacconi” with zucchini

Our Nostri Fava Bean Flour Pasta “Tacconi” with zucchini. Tacconi is a traditional pasta of our hinterland, a kind of pasta that is deeply linked with the rural tradition. We present it with a seasoning of excellence: some tender zucchini season. So why do we not delight ourselves with a tasty and light meal? Continue reading “Fava Bean Flour Pasta “Tacconi” with zucchini”

An unforgettable breakfast between the Monte Conero and the Adriatic Sea

On the Adriatic coast we have a great fortune: we can see the sun rising from the sea. In the Marche we have a double luck; we can make a charming walk in the green of the mountains and reach a beautiful and deserted beach next to the blue sea. I try to explain you how to settle an excellent breakfast in one of the more spectacular places in the Marche combining sports, entertainment and relaxation. Continue reading “An unforgettable breakfast between the Monte Conero and the Adriatic Sea”

The Nature’s Keepers – Part One

When we discover a museum, a historical building or a priceless treasure we think it is something beautiful, precious and unique. We have to ask permission from a keeper to visit these wonderful places because he is in charge of preserve their beauty. Anyway, I am not talking about artistic masterpiece, instead I want to introduce to you someone that preserve natural treasures: I am talking about “Guardian Farmers”.
Continue reading “The Nature’s Keepers – Part One”

Today, as in the past … the value of traditions

A journey through food and traditions. Stories written by the hand and heart of a traditionalist who believes in the value of the good things passed down over the years, not only through nostalgic memories but through experiences to live intensely and pass on to future generations. Continue reading “Today, as in the past … the value of traditions”